Cool Skateboard Alligator Birthday Card


Alli-Skater the skateboarding alligator is ready to help spread the birthday cheer with this cute and clever birthday card.
- The front of the birthday card features embossed gold foil detailing and illustrations of stars and a skating alligator wearing a party hat with the message: “BIRTHDAY TIME! MAY IT BE AS HAPPY AS THIS AWESOME ALLI-SKATER”
- The inside of the birthday card features rainbow stripes and the message: “HAVE LOTS (AND LOTS) OF FUN”
- The back of the birthday card features an illustration of the skating alligator with the message: “NAME: ALLI-SKATER. SPECIES: Skato alligato. HABITAT: a skateboard park near you! APPEARANCE: a long, tall streak of green on wheels. TEMPERAMENT: Alli-Skater doesn’t just LIKE to skate – he LIVES to skate!”
- Australia Post preferred
- Includes one birthday card and one blue Hallmark branded envelope
- Measures 15.5cm (H) x 12.9cm (W)