Funny Farts Interactive Birthday Card


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Do you know someone who loves a good fart joke? Give them this interactive birthday card that features a guide to the different types of farts. When opened, this interactive card will play an array of fart sound effects to give them a chuckle.
- The front of the birthday card features a photograph of a monkey's face on a cartoon body with the message: Farts A Birthday Guide
o The Bum Burner: A fart so hot that it singes your bum hairs when it’s released
o The Bubble Trouble: A fart that gets trapped in pants and has to bubble up your back in its bid for freedom
o The Methane Monster: A fart made up of rotting hard boiled eggs that’s best kept away from any naked flame within a three km radius
- When opened the birthday card plays farting sound effects and features the messages:
o Happy Birthday
o The Crowd Pleaser: A loud and smelly beastie that clears whole rooms and draws admiration from other blokes.
o The Guided Missile: One you know is coming loud and fast and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it.
o The Cat Tormentor: A thin whiney fart that sounds exactly like a mouse.
o The Trojan Horse: A fart that not only slips out loud and smelly but also carries a surprise solid present inside.
o Muscles from Brussels: A huuuuge sprout fart that would have the world laughing at you for eternity and so must be released painfully slowly by working your sphincter open one millimetre every two minutes.
o The Line Dancer: A trump that spits out accidentally causing you to try and cover it up by dancing on an imaginary bug on the floor.
o The Lucky Bag: An odourless fart coinciding so exactly with a sneeze that no one notices.
- Includes one birthday card and one white Hallmark branded envelope
- Product recommended for children 14 years and over. Product contains removable objects including an enclosed non-replaceable alkaline button cell battery. Button batteries are hazardous and can cause serious injuries if they are swallowed or placed inside the any part of the body.
- Measures 21cm (H) x 14.5cm (W)
- Product may contain removeable objects, including an enclosed alkaline battery which if ingested or inhaled can result in serious or fatal illness, choking or burning hazard. Adult supervision highly recommended and STRICTLY required for children under 6 years.