Funny Monkey Farts Birthday Card


Educate them on the different types of farts available in their arsenal with this funny birthday card that’s sure to put a smile on their dial.
- The front of the birthday card features a photograph of a monkeys face on a cartoon body with the message: Farts A Birthday Guide
o The Bum Burner: A fart so hot that it singes your bum hairs when it’s released
o The Bubble Trouble: A fart that gets trapped in pants and has to bubble up your back in its bid for freedom
o The Methane Monster: A fart made up of rotting hard boiled eggs that’s best kept away from any naked flame within a three km radius
- The inside of the birthday card is green and features illustrations of clouds and a farting monkey the messages:
o Happy Birthday
o The Crowd Pleaser: A loud and smelly beastie that clears whole rooms and draws admiration from other blokes.
o The Guided Missile: One you know is coming loud and fast and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it.
o The Cat Tormentor: A thin whiney fart that sounds exactly like a mouse.
o The Trojan Horse: A fart that not only slips out loud and smelly but also carries a surprise solid present inside.
o Muscles from Brussels: A huuuuge sprout fart that would have the world laughing at you for eternity and so must be released painfully slowly by working your sphincter open one millimetre every two minutes.
o The Line Dancer: A trump that spits out accidentally causing you to try and cover it up by dancing on an imaginary bug on the floor.
o The Lucky Bag: An odourless fart coinciding so exactly with a sneeze that no one notices.
- Includes one birthday card and one white Hallmark branded envelope
- Measures 20cm (H) x 13cm (W)